Hope For Tomorrow Mission

The Hope For Tomorrow Foundation was initiated during a Papal visit by a group of Western New York women in the summer of 1994. This group of women understood the need for help and surgical assistance by many young patients for reconstructive surgery. They decided to dedicate their efforts towards obtaining medical and surgical help for these needy patients through physicians and hospitals in the Western New York area. It is the sincere hope of this group to help enable people whose lives have been significantly altered by illness and deformity to once again lead a normal existence. The Hope For Tomorrow Foundation began by wanting to help one person and has continued on its humanitarian mission to helping hundreds. It has raised funds to send doctors around the world.

The Hope For Tomorrow Foundation has been responsible for recruiting doctors from across the United States to help children around the world with catastrophic injuries. They have performed, free of charge, complex surgery that the families of these unfortunate children could not otherwise afford.

Over the years the Hope For Tomorrow Foundation has brought children to Western New York for surgery and has sent medical teams to places such as Russia, India, Cuba, Poland and Jamaica. It has been responsible for hundreds of donated surgeries and thousands of pounds of donated medical supplies. The foundation has helped the doctors to go with those supplies to donate their time and talent helping people throughout the world regain their lives. Doctors from many different disciplines have participated, including Opthalmoliogists, Urologists, Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Gynecologists, Plastic Surgeons and many more.

Thanks to the Hope For Tomorrow Foundation, those in desperate need can have access to skilled surgeons and expensive surgery. Doctors are able to meet with colleagues, international dignitaries, heads of state and national leaders who can appreciate their humanitarian efforts and raise awareness at the highest levels about these pressing medical needs.
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